About TJ Moore

Born Thomas J. Moore in 1960, TJ began playing guitar at the age of 10. He had a personal and strong relationship with Jesus while growing up and loved playing his music alone with God. After a 7 year journey away from God he found his faith again and began studying for the ministry. Still not having played in public other than church choir he never had a desire to play for the public because he thought his voice was terrible. His wife, Vincella, convinced him to try leading worship and to sing out and soon found many liked his singing which built up his confidence. He became a worship leader and associate pastor of a small church in Oregon. Soon he was asked to become a part of the North West Gospel Association and performed alone quite often. He has appeared on a couple of television programs and has written many songs. He now lives in Yuma, Arizona where is leads worship and continues to write and produce his own music.

TJ is a software and web developer and works for his tribe on their reservation. He is Quechan (Kwatsan) Indian and has an active ministry on his reservation. He helped organize a revival with several different churches in his community.

TJ is also the president and co-founder of IHN (In His Name) Bible College. Origionally it was designed to be just and online college but God had other plans. IHN Bible College now has 6 campuses in Africa with more on the way. He is planning some concert events to hopefully get financial support for the college. The college teaches for free. This is the primary goal of the college but it still takes money for supplies and materials.

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